Parking Deck II.

  A few months ago, a Jess and Katie agreed to do a photoshoot with me. The parking deck was empty, and we settled on a dark corner to serve as our studio. We found a lot of old, out-of-commission shelves and clothing racks. My favorite part was using a metal mixing bowl to serve as a reflector for the flash. To our dismay, we were kicked out by mall security, but we got some great shots!

The Parking Deck.

   I've always had an interest in editorial photography. The way stories can be told, created, and just the pure creative force that can be put into making one image is like nothing else. There are no rules here.

   I've finally found some time to explore it myself. I have no expectations, so I could be awful at it. But I can't say there's a lack of trying. This is one image from the shoot with a couple of my friends.  They were nice enough to stay up really late, "trespass" on a public parking deck, and allow me to do their makeup. I'll introduce you to them later. For now, this is the beginning of a long editing session.