BMS: Only a Field.

   Middle school is usually remembered as one of the most awkward times in your life. Bodily changes are happening, as well as finding new friends, losing old ones, and going into a new school altogether.

   This is the same for me, but I can't drive by my old school and reminisce about those awkward times. Why? Because this field is where my middle school was. I only attended this one for a year before we started in the brand new middle school that was built. But this one had character, and I remember it fondly.

   It's a beautiful field. There's no denying it. And usually, it wouldn't feel so strange if there was a mound of dirt or some large construction equipment around. But this field looks as if nothing was ever there at all. This is only a couple of years after it was demolished, but that also took a long time because the debate on demolishing a possibly-asbestos-infested building was never-ending.