Meet Rebecca (Becs).

My roommate, Rebecca (or Becs, as I call her), needed headshots for a journalism program she will soon be entering into.  She asked for my help, and of course I obliged!  She got some beautiful headshots (I mean, she's seriously photogenic!), and I got to play with my lights for the first time.  I cannot tell you how excited I was about the lights!  Becs is an amazing model; we managed to stay productive while a group of our friends dropped by and braved the onlookers outside of our apartment while two bright lights shined on her.  As every girl does, we started taking pictures for the sheer sake of taking pictures (as a fellow photographer, Becs had great ideas about creative lighting), even after we had already gotten what we needed.

Check out Rebecca's blog here; she's taking a picture a day for a year!


Cheers to the Beautiful Becs!